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everybody. rock your body.

like a 747 jet:
i going to go on that celebrity face changer plastic surgery show and get my face changed to conan's.
mdnightdoll: haha
mdnightdoll: ew
mdnightdoll: but hot
like a 747 jet: wouldn't that be creepy? conan's head walking around on my body.
mdnightdoll: hhahahaha
mdnightdoll: id be like
mdnightdoll: how you doin
mdnightdoll: from the neck up
like a 747 jet: sorry pal. the waist down is what matters. so i'd be like get away from me sicko.
mdnightdoll: :-(
mdnightdoll: tease.
like a 747 jet: i'd be the only one who gets to have sex with me. yeah.
mdnightdoll: thats messed up
like a 747 jet: it was a joke pal.
mdnightdoll: i know
mdnightdoll: well obviously
like a 747 jet: except conan would be like OH MY GOD THAT IS SO HOT and he'd do me.
mdnightdoll: yeah probably

some time elapses... we talk about other things...


mdnightdoll: hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahha
mdnightdoll: i was not expecting that at all
like a 747 jet: aren't you glad it came though?
mdnightdoll: yes
like a 747 jet: i'd so do me if i looked like that and i were someone else.
mdnightdoll: wouldnt that just be conan?
like a 747 jet: well conan's head on my body. i mean i could even ignore the breasts and the fatness.
like a 747 jet: just playin'.
mdnightdoll: and the vagina?
like a 747 jet: haha.
mdnightdoll: im putting that conan in my journal
like a 747 jet: hahahahahaha okay

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