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01. What is the middle name of the first person you ever slept with? i believe it was... tupac. just PLAYIN! VIRGIN 4 LYFE!!!!!!

02. What kind of underwear are you wearing and what color? green and purple oscar the grouch. thong. just kidding. no im not.

03. What is the song you want played at your funeral? 'move' - ludacris and mystical. cause when i die imma be like 'move bitch, get out da way' jesus.

04. What is the phone number of your sluttiest friend so some of the single people can get some action? get out of my face.

05. What would your last meal be before getting executed? pizza hut pizza, a bag of popcorn, some steak, and mint chocolate chip icecream.

06. Beatles or Stones? i hate the beatles. really now.

07. If you had to pick one person on earth who should die, who would it be? wayne brady. hands down.

08. Beer, wine or hard liquor? please.

09. What is the thing most important to you about the opposite sex? not being mentally retarded.

10. Do you secretly hate some of your Friendsters / LJ friends but are too nice to reject them? not exactly.

11. If you could have any super power what would it be? i just wish i could kill people without consequences.

12. Favorite hangover cure? not drinking.

13. How many drinks does it take to get you drunk? wouldnt know.

14. Wiggle? sure. why not?

15. Hair color you most like someone you're dating to have? i only like baldies.

16. If you had to be blind or deaf? i choose dead.

17. Do you have any psychiatric problems? dont think so.

18. Siblings that should go to rehab? i only have one and hes good.

19. Least favorite month? any summer month. i hate summer. except night time summer cause you know its not hot and stuff.

20. Favorite hateful thing to do to someone? i am the nicest most loving person you know. oh wait. i like to put salami in peoples backpacks when they arent looking. as a surprise for next hour. or maybe i only did that once.

21. First movie you can remember seeing as a kid? who framed roger rabbit.

22. Favorite person in the whole world? myself. and ludacris.

23. When's the last time you went on a date? last night with your mom.

24. Do you like violent movies or dirty movies? do i even need to answer this one? i mean.. really.

25. Fall or spring? fall.

26. Person you most wish you hadn't made out with? whoever gave me the herpes.

27. Make up your own question and answer it here? okay... are you jimmy ray? who wants to know?

27.A. Will the phrase "Suck it!" and the gesture that goes along with it ever make a comeback?
Yes! Molly and I will make sure of it. YES ELISABETH WE WILL. OH WE WILL.

28. If you are straight, what person of the same sex would you do it with? pamela anderson. or geri halliwell. or perhaps.. both?

29. Where do you want to live when you are old and brittle? i dont.

30. Who is the person you can count on most? loren and elisabeth. plus i can always count on usher to be hot.

31. If you could date any celebrity past or present, if time and age are not factors, who would it be? conan obrien. no jack black.

32. What books have you pretended you've read? any book tank assigned. my favorite: a tale of two cities. please.

33. What's a word you would use to describe your life? dabomb.

34. Favorite drinking game? the one where you go die.

35. What did you dream last night? ...i cant remember. the last dream i remember involved me and loren as guys. and there was innappropriate things happening involving her hands and my stomach.

36. Favorite vices? crack.

37. What is the last thing you'd ever tell someone? "no thanks, i dont smoke crack."

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